Kutumb Prabodhan Concept

Happy and Healthy families are the key for a peaceful and prosperous society. In Bharat, a unique family system got developed over years. Indian families have shown greater degree of compliance and resilience, compared to other countries. Sharing and caring, is at the core of a family health and integrity. Inherently, a system based on “all for one, and one for all” seems to be the driver of success in Indian families.

Indian Culture & Family

Culturally, in India families are treated as the vehicles for preservation and propagation of the culture. Family is seen as basic unit of the society in India. Core of all Indian philosophies is based on the concept of four purusharthas – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Intertwined with this are the four ashramas. The grihastha ashrama has been declared to be the most important ashrama. People in all ashrama’s, especially in grihastha ashrama, are encouraged to take care of four runas(debts) Deva Runa, Pithru Runa, Rishi Runa and Samaja Runa. The Indian system of family, and marital life was nested with the society and the surrounding ecosystem
and universe. Attaining of harmony (samanvaya) at the various levels as given below, was the goal for all people:

  • Individual level (between body, mind, intellect and soul)
  • Family level with spouse, elders, youngsters, friends, relatives and other members of the community)
  • Society level (with the community at large) and at ecology level was the goal of the individual.

The family ecosystem fostered security and stability to all individuals.

Challenges before contemporary families – Need for Workshop

Today, the family system has got significantly changed. There are several challenges before contemporary Hindu families living in USA. How do we face these challenges and make the families happy and healthy in the modern context? Can we take clues from our culture and adapt it to present day circumstances to make the families stronger? Can we provide interventions at various levels to mitigate the agonies of men and woman, who pass through rough tides in their relationship? Can we make couple to think of the higher cause and dedicate themselves for higher common good? Can we provide a pleasant environment for children to grow up and blossom? There are many such questions that need to be raised, addressed and answers sought. To discuss these issues, and to chalk out action plans for implementation, this consultative workshops are being organized.