Questions to ask yourself

As a parent do you ever ask yourself

  • What do you want your family to be like?
  • How do you wish people would describe your family ?
  • What family legacy are you creating?
  • What words would your kids use to describe your family?
  • Twenty or thirty years from now, what do you hope your children will say about how they grew up and what they learned from you?
As much effort as we apply to building our organizations, we rarely apply the same rules of engagement to our most important foundation: the family.

 A good way to find the answers to these questions is

  • to identify what you truly values are, and then prioritize the values you want to focus on as a family
  • Remember, if you can’t clearly define what you stand for, you won’t have clear expectations for your children
  • Write down your family values. Look to them when resolving disagreements. Embrace them as a mission for your family
  • If you’re married, make sure you and your spouse have the same goals in mind