Family Works Together

The following activities/chores should be shared and performed by every member of a Hindu family, as the situation demands:

  • Cleaning of the Home and surroundings
  • Making the beds
  • Washing , drying and ironing of clothes
  • Cooking and serving of food, setting up for meals and after-meal clean-up of meal area and utensils
  • Grocery shopping, cleaning, cutting and preparation of vegetables and grains for cooking; and helping with serving of food and clean-up after meals and snacks, including dishwashing
  • Helping with the Püja (worship)- related duties such as lighting of “Deepa” (oil lamps) and “Agarbathi”s (incense sticks); ”Rangoli” decorations, performing the Puja ceremonies, accepting and distributing “Teertha” (holy water) from the “Puja” and Prasadam (blessed food) from the “Puja”, participating/conducting meditations and other religious activities. etc.
  • Household cleaning- such as periodic cleans-up of bathrooms/toilets and kitchens/other rooms; vehicles etc.
  • Attending to incoming phone calls
  • Performing daily exercises.