Samskar (संस्कार)

Each work that we do, each thought we think, produces and leaves an impression on the mind and it is called samskar(संस्कार). The total of all these impressions becomes a tremendous force which is called “character”.  The character of a person is what he/she has created for himself/herself.  It is the result of mental and physical actions that the person has done in past lives and current life. The net total of the samskaras at the end of this life is the force that gives a person the next direction after this life.

Samskars can only be imparted and not imported.

Imparting Samaskars or value-based education requires 4 aspects

  • Idea or values
  • Role Model – person living the values
  • Proximity with role model
  • Opportunity to practice the values

Value education or Samskars starts from home.  Samskar giving is the unique function of the family. Ancient Indian education has produced citizens with strong moral codes and norms of living and conduct. This was done with Gurukuls where students living in a family environment and Guru providing all 4 aspects of imparting samskars. it happens not with the hammering strokes but with drops of the dancing water.